Zhe Tian _ Chen Dong _ txt Novel Paradise

Zhe Tian _ Chen Dong _ txt Novel Paradise

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Mount Emei, the mountains rise one after another, the mountain is very beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, and there are thousands of weather. The so-called Shushan is the collective name of the mountains near Emei. The ancient trees here are towering, the clouds are broken, the bridges are connected, the deep valleys are quiet, the whole stream is flying, and the sound of water is murmuring. The red dust here is too heavy. Ye Fan Zao Mei said, "I don't think there is a fairy sword orthodoxy." No way, now, this place has become a scenic spot, too many tourists, monks have already retreated. Mitani Main Road. Mount Emei is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. It is the temple of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. There are many visitors on weekdays. Lord Mitani said, "I have to say that Buddhism is very far-sighted. Before the end of the Dharma era, I began to go eastward to spread the Dharma. With the help of many spiritual mountains in China, I practiced Buddhism to ensure continuous inheritance. However, India no longer believes in Buddhism." "This is the temple of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. Let me see if there are any ancient saints." Ye Fan stood in the air, sweeping out the powerful divine consciousness, but did not notice anything. True Buddhist practitioners have retreated from the Golden Summit of Emei and are practicing in the no-man's land not far away, where there is a Dharma array to guard, and mortals are not aware of it. Said Lord Mitani. At the same time, he mentioned the advantages of Buddhism, which has great advantages in this era of the end of the Dharma by gathering beliefs through incense and practicing with these mindfulness. Is there no one in the Midlands to follow suit? Ye Fan asked strangely. There is no way, there are too many strong people in China, a Taoism can be divided into dozens of hundreds of sects, not convinced, even the three Qing are the result of mutual compromise,Ceramic Bobbin, not to mention the demon clan and so on. There is no row out of a system of gods, which are contradictory to each other. Even if there is incense, who should we worship? Land, City God, Mountain God, Yama, Guan Erye, Tianshi, God of Wealth, Door God,ceramic bobbin heater, Kitchen God, Dragon King.. The Queen Mother, God.. Sanqing, Emperor of Heaven, Queen of Earth, who do you worship? Ye Fan has a big head for a while, and it's true when you think about it. The deities listed by the Lord of the Three Valleys do not necessarily exist, but they are enough to illustrate a problem. The Middle Earth is too powerful to respect each other. Not to mention the demons, Taoism itself is opposed to each other and is not unified. It is precisely because there are too many strongmen and numerous sects that it is possible for foreign religions to coexist. In the end, the Middle Earth monks rely on their own way to do everything, and practice by themselves, not relying on the external force of faith, but the magical power of cultivation is more powerful. When it comes to Juna belief, relying on the power of mind to practice, Western orthodoxy is even worse, and far better than Buddhism. If you have a chance to go to the Holy City of Jerusalem, you will know when you go to the Vatican, where the mind is more pure and surging like a river and a sea. It is precisely because of this, in this era of the end of the law, the West can also give birth to the great supernatural power. Lord Mitani sighed. The essence of heaven and earth has dried up, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic bobbin heater core, and there is no spirit needed for cultivation, and the population is increasing, so it is particularly important to make rational use of the huge pure mind. Ye Fan found a Buddhist secret place dozens of miles away from the Golden Summit of Emei. He could see strands of thoughts pouring in. He scattered his divine consciousness and looked inward. He did not see the people in the position of Luohanguo, and the whole was not as good as the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons. Instead of stopping, they turned left and right on the edge of Mount Emei, and finally entered an ancient law array and came to a vast no-man's land. This is the legendary Shushan Mountain! Ye Huang exclaimed. In front of all the peaks, straight up and down, each one is like a sword, standing proudly under the sky, each mountain has a spirit! This is the real Shushan Mountain, the peaks are like swords, with an earth-shaking momentum, as if to pierce the sky. Chi Songzi left the orthodoxy here, so that later generations could get the method and create a way of sword cultivation, which was doomed as early as when they saw the terrain of these mountains and rivers. Nowadays, the way left by the red pine nut is very low-key, and they are not born at all on weekdays, so they can't see their footprints. Until today into this place, Ye Fan in more than a dozen peaks sensed the fierce sword gas, three valley Lord said that this vein is not weaker than the valley of ten thousand demons, although there is a lack of inheritance, but still no one can underestimate. They do not want to bow unnecessary trouble, far around, avoid the sword repair a door, and then fly out more than four hundred miles, and finally close to the destination. This is a mountain straight into the sky, steep even birds can not stand, stand up and down, like a sword of heaven inserted in the earth. Moreover, there is a fierce killing intention to roll out, cut people's minds, body yyù crack, bones will be broken, the monks below the secret land of the dragon can not be approached at all.
Ye Fan is horrified that there is such a place in today's world, which is really daunting. Lord Mitani's face was pale. He barely stood in front of the mountain. He was attacked by a burst of sword breath. His body was about to collapse. It was very uncomfortable. This is the peak of Xianjian Mountain. There is a Tianchi Lake at its top. It is said that it is the place where red pine nuts wash swords. You must not go in reluctantly, or there will be a disaster! Lord Mitani's face turned white, and he gave a serious warning, saying that five hundred years ago, the old Lord of Mitani had taken a magic elixir left by the ancient demon gods. After eight hundred years of cultivation, he stepped into the secret land of Sendai, but finally he drank here. Ye Fan said that he knew that the sword in this place was extremely powerful and clangorous, as if there were tens of millions of heavenly swords ringing in unison, ringing through heaven and earth! Clank sword gas still can't hurt him, but he has to be careful and alert, in case he wants to climb to the top of the mountain, there may be a real disaster. Brother Ye must be careful! Lord Mitani stepped back and shouted. Ye Fan nodded and walked forward step by step. Near the mountain, there was not a blade of grass growing on it. It was as smooth as the body of a sword. The murderous look turned into a tangible substance. He beheaded the God hhún. Komatsu nervously grabbed the corner of his clothes, worried about it, insisted on going together, careful liver fluttering, a desperate look to die. It doesn't matter. Ye Fan comforted him, and Mmō took the head of the little thing Mmō purple sè. Zheng "," Zheng.. " …… As soon as Ye Fan approached, a hundred thousand heavenly swords roared in unison, cutting through the clouds, covering the sun, and cutting across the ancient and modern void. He stepped on the line of words, turned into a light, impacted in the gap of the sword awn, and rushed to the top quickly, avoiding one fierce sword gas after another. This is not a killing array, this is the supreme sword of that year! Ye Fan is shocked,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, how powerful is the red pine nut? Endless years have passed, and the sword he left behind is still there. The land of the sword, the land of the sword!. global-ceramics.com


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